Venturing in the coding industry may seem like an intimidating and difficult task. However, this shouldn’t be the case, especially today when you can easily learn to code from various resources. For students, learning to code on their own may not be as easy as would be the case for adults. Except if they start young.

As technology evolves, more young learners are expressing their interest in programming courses. This is why LVIS has organized a demo day for their Make X Challenge Arena for students which shall bring together their students and others from various places within the locality.

This will be an orientation to a forthcoming programming course event to be held between September and December. The demo day is scheduled to take place on 4th September. We shall see detailed information later in this post. The programming course for students shall bring together LVIS students and others from various places within the locality.


Are you a student interested in learning how the software operates? Do you want to understand the latest programming language? All you will need to launch your programming journey is internet access and a functional computer.


There are numerous reasons why parents should allow their children to attend programming lessons as seen below.

Diversifying their Creativity

Programming helps students experiment, and allows them to exercise their creativity. Students get the opportunity to design things with minimal supervision. With motivation, the students can perform better. While their supervisors can help them succeed in programming, creating things from scratch and getting appreciated for the same motivates them more. Children are better placed to understand coding and this capability is enough to inspire them to be confident.

Programming is a Language


Language exposes students to communication and logical thinking. Further language enhances written and verbal skills. Exposing children to various languages from a young age diversifies their knowledge while helping them view the world from a different perspective. Coding comes with a unique language where every alphabet features a unique formula comprising of zeroes and ones. These letters help programmers understand how the technology works.

Programming Helps Children Improve their Math Skills

Programming gives students the ability to visualize theoretical concepts and allows them to apply them both in the real world and math-related situations. For a long time, students have dreaded math. However, with the onset of programming and coding, math is fast becoming both creative and fun. What’s more, coding is available in various science, technology, engineering, and math programs and parents can also adopt it as an ideal after school activity for their children.

Instills Problem Solving Skills in Children


During the programming lessons, children are taught that there’s no one designated way of executing a task. This gives them the confidence and ability to try diverse methods of solving a single task without fear of failure. In today’s digital age, programming is fast becoming a basic strategy of teaching students about technology. This is why exposing children to programming at an early age prepares them for the ever-changing techno world.

Technology is Becoming a Part of Life

Technology has caught up with the world and isn’t about to stop. The time is therefore ripe for both adults and students to have a primary understanding of advanced systems and how they operate, and programming is an ideal starting point.


The LVIS is committed to ensuring that students both within its institution and the locality, in general, get basic programming skills. The course is scheduled to run every Tuesday between 1700hrs and 1830hours beginning from September 11th all through to December.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this post, there will be a demo before then to introduce the course. The LVIS is planning for a walk-in event to give attendees sufficient time to arrive at their pleasure within the stipulated upon time. They will then have individual meetings with the organizers of the course.

The training charges shall be 25CHF per hour for school branches in Zurich, Basel, and Geneva. The total number of courses will be 12 each lasting 90 minutes for a total cost of 450CHF. This price is likely to reduce depending on the number of enrollments.


The evolution of technology will continue in the future and there is no better way of being ready for the impending digital revolution than preparing students from an early age. It’s worth noting that programming is also essential for adults as well. Having basic understanding, therefore, will come in handy to keep you up to speed with technological advancements as they happen.

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