What a great first week to the summer term. Though our return to school was not as we had hoped it would be at the start of this isolation period, we are incredibly proud of how our community has succeeded in creating an enriching and purposeful learning opportunities for the young minds of Verbier.

The children have been motivated, engaged and enthusiastic about their return to remote learning lessons. We as a school understand how instrumental parents have been to this process. We would like to thank and acknowledge all parents and carers for all of the hard work that they have put in to help support their children’s involvement in lessons and their wellbeing.

Class A students have had lots of fun this week. They have continued learning about new sounds in their phonics lessons and have grown their knowledge on numbers. All the while continuing to practice their letter and number formation.


Here is a short video of one of our young students demonstrating how to classify words by the sounds they begin with.

And here is some of their beautiful artwork. Some of which are inspired by stories, others by nature or simply their experience.


Class B has been taking advantage of this beautiful, sunny weather to learn more about nature and the features of different environments and objects we might encounter in our mountainous surroundings. Here are some beautiful flowers produced by some of our explorers.

Please follow this link to discover a fun and enticing lesson in which the students had to go on a treasure hunt to find different objects exhibiting varying properties. This is a fantastic way to get children to create their own experiences while learning thus strengthening further their new understanding of new knowledge.

Class C has become data analysts in maths class. Discovering the joys of tallies and bar charts. We wonder what kind of data they will be investigating and visualising at home. During English, the students have focused on their new spellings and the format of a formal letter. What a great skill to learn in this time when we are not able to see each other every day.


Class D, inspired by the spring blossoming of the alpine flowers, has been educating themselves on the lifecycle of plants. The students have also delved into their new literacy books and have started to visualise and imagine the new fantastical worlds they are discovering. Resourcefulness and creativeness were the traits of the day during a challenge to create a car using objects that they could be found around the house.


Classes E and F have continued their studies and research in different subjects. Art lessons focused on Cubism. Which was followed through into French lessons. Economics used today’s situation to look at the increase in demand certain industries are experiencing versus those that are struggling. Geography students examined the Tundra and during Maths lesson students focused on their statistician skills.


We were also inspired and impressed with the students’ submissions for the yearbook cover and birthday cards. We see how seriously the students have taken this activity and would like to commend them on their efforts.


We have been delighted with the turnout to option clubs and would like to remind families that if their child would like to join, they are more than welcome to do so. Whether it is yoga, art, cooking or quizzing that you would like to experience we have the club for you.

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