VIS Guiding Principles

VIS Guiding Principles

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A good teacher does not simply impart knowledge but draws out of the student the talent and potential that is already there. Indeed, the word education comes from the Latin educo, meaning I draw or lead out. VIS now has a roadmap on which to base the directions of its current activities, curriculum and a coherent and cohesive means to provide inspiration and lead out the potential and talents of the school community.


With that in mind, the process of finding the Guiding Principles of the school was purposely and necessarily a process of drawing out. Students, parents, teachers, owners and advisors all discussed which characteristics best represent the school and provide a reflective and aspirational framework for the school now and in the future.


The process began in November 2021 and completed in May 2022. As many voices as possible were listened to and I need to thank many wise people for their time and input. However, the end product is now embedded across the school, in our classrooms, in our literature and is the start point of all our Assemblies. 


We have chosen 2 ways to illustrate our Guiding Principles so that all our students can access the meaning and intentions of the Principles chosen and there is guidance and clarity about how we expect our Guiding Principles to be lived.


The five Guiding Principles are teamwork, kindness, courage, curiosity and family.


Kindness: Diversity and Integrity

We show kindness in all our interactions with others. We celebrate the diversity of different cultures, languages, ideas and act with integrity according to our principles.


Courage: Adventure and Resilience

We take courage to make bold choices, bring an adventurous spirit to endeavours and  resilience to perceived failure.


Curiosity: Creativity and Independence

We are curious about the world around us, show creativity in our pursuits and enquire with independence in thought and action. 


Family: Local and Global

We care for each other and humanity as a family in both local and global contexts.


Teamwork: Respect and Fairness

We strive to support each other through teamwork in a respectful and fair way.

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