Core Values and School Philosophy

VIS strives to be more than a school, but to be an integral part of the local and international community. We aim for a holistic, and family focused school where students are central to everything we do.


The VIS Guiding Principles emerged through extensive thought and discussion with students, parents, teachers, owners and advisors. Our Guiding Principles are the characteristics which best represent the school and provide a reflective and aspirational framework for the students, staff and parents now and in the future.

There are two illustrations of our Guiding Principles so that all our students can access the meaning and intentions of the Principles chosen. There is guidance and clarity about how we expect our Guiding Principles to be lived.

The five Guiding Principles are teamwork, kindness, courage, curiosity and family.

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KINDNESS: Diversity and Integrity
We show kindness in all our interactions with others. We celebrate the diversity of different cultures, languages, ideas and act with integrity according to our principles.

FAMILY: Local and Global
We care for each other, humanity and our environment as a family in both local and global contexts.

TEAMWORK: Respect and Fairness
We strive to support each other through teamwork in a respectful and fair way.

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CURIOSITY: Creativity and Independence
We are curious about the world around us, show creativity in our pursuits and enquire with independence in thought and action.

COURAGE: Adventure and Resilience
We take courage to make bold choices, bring an adventurous spirit to endeavours and resilience to perceived failure.

VIS creates the right environment for our students to thrive. Well-being is key to successful learning and the school promotes a holistic approach to academia and enrichment activities.

A student’s long-term success will best be attained through developing self-confidence and the resilience to cope with more demanding tasks.

Happy, well-balanced children and adolescents are those who feel supported to take risks and understand their roles as global citizens.

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Academic teaching takes place in small classes, where teachers carefully follow their students’ progress and provide individual support.

There is a focus on each student’s specific needs and strengths, and they are challenged accordingly.

The aim is to allow every student to make the best of their talents and to become strong and self-confident adults, unafraid of further challenges.

Learning occurs not only in the classroom but also outdoors, where nature challenges us in other ways. When skiing or hiking, students learn to go outside their comfort zone and learn that they are stronger than they thought.

Outdoor specialists are employed to ensure careful planning of our outings and that safety regulations are adhered to.

Art, music, and drama allow students to explore their ability to be creative and acquire a better understanding of themselves through reflection.

How to apply

We develop partnership and trust to prepare prospective families for life in Verbier for both day students and boarders.