Inspiration through nature

Forest School is a holistic learning practice through play and exploration. Children learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and to use their own initiative to solve problems and cooperate with others.

Forest school

Forest School fosters a love of nature and the environment, a connection to the world around us and allows children to learn through experience, risk-taking and build resilience and self-belief.


During Forest School children will learn how to build a shelter, light a fire and use their skills to create and build objects from the woodland around them. VIS children learn to use full-size tools, how to set boundaries for themselves, to work well as a team, to play creatively and to create art using natural resources.

We find that through all these opportunities, your child’s social skills, confidence, self-esteem and motivation will develop dramatically and positively. Crucially, children will also have a meaningful connection with nature, and through this experience they will learn to care for their natural environment.

How to apply

We develop partnership and trust to prepare prospective families for life in Verbier for both day students and boarders.